Why there are no names

Here you will find out why the artists’ names are not shown in the gallery

We have decided to leave the paintings without the artists’ names, at first at least. We have replaced them with numbers – Style 1, 2, 3... Instead, we will try to guess another desire cherished by everyone – to understand what they are touching. We can now view the works without an emphasis on who their creator is. This prevents the name from influencing us, even if subconsciously. We challenge the viewer to be a participant in the discovery process, to walk to the end of the road of building a culture of knowledge and appreciation of a work of art. To gain insight, to ask questions, to call on their sensitivity. To communicate with the work, with its messages, colours and energy. To turn their eyes away from someone else’s guiding finger, if only for a moment. Still, we have not left the creative explorer to wander the wilderness without any support, lost in shadows and shades. The second step is to meet the artist and find out their peculiarities, biography, our own opinion and that of outside experts. Our desire is to be objective assessors of the talent, effort, message and energy incorporated in the works. Honest, with love for people and art.

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